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How to transform your home










Thinking of extending? 


Then an excellent place to start is with the best selling Haynes Home Extension Manual  – a comprehensive step-by-step guide to building and managing a successful project.

To answer the million dollar Question what will it cost to build ? ”  you can work out an approximate price by running  your plans through some online building cost-calculators.

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Designers check this out!

 Summary of U-value Requirements


Designing It Yourself has never been easier, with affordable Home Design CAD programmes.

Or for  professional design input, search for local Architects and Chartered Surveyors.

You might also want to search for materials, such as specific types of bricks, windows and tiles. Taking a browse around the various builders’ merchants and manufacturers’ websites under ‘links’ can also be time well spent.

Of course you won’t get very far without keeping on the right side of the Council Planners and Building Control – see links to guidance documents. Then once you’ve found a builder you might want to download a free building contract and check our advice on employing builders.

Here you will also find some FREE sample specifications and documents  invaluable when you’re putting together a new construction project.   Plus there’s some additional technical info for some more complex designs.

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